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DoorHub is an adventurous, explorative, powerful tool and a journey with a destination: to find the exact product to satisfy a specific requirement.  That is the reality of commercial door hardware.  The problem with that reality is untimely answered emails, red blinky voice mail lights and unreturned calls from hardware distributors that have a detrimental impact on a project schedule resulting in delays and frustration for the project design team.  The mission of DoorHub is to remove those pinch points.  

To understand DoorHub, one must first understand Arch-I-Tech Doors, Inc. (ADI).  ADI was founded in 1984 by Greg Wood as a field service modification company of commercial frames, doors, and hardware.  When Wyatt Wood, Greg’s brother, joined ADI in 1985 the company had expanded to the distribution of commercial frames, doors, and hardware.  By 1995, Wyatt’s sons, Matthew and Wesley, were part of the ADI team.  Both Matthew and Wesley started by sweeping floors.  Matthew continued in operations while Wesley pursued administrative and project management.  

Wesley brought a fresh and progressive insight of core business metrics that would enable scaling of project management and admin teams.  Matthew focused his efforts on developing an ops team that was not reliant on centralized command and control.  Wesley and Matthew understood that to scale the business, each operator must have comprehensive knowledge of not only their task but general knowledge of all tasks.  In 2018, Matthew and Wesley, had the honor of purchasing ADI from their father, Wyatt.   

 Fast forward to early 2019.  Matthew and Wesley envisioned a transitional shift in the procurement pathway for commercial door hardware.  They assembled a team: Greg Richard and Michael Rega.  Greg, Michael, and Matthew worked in a 12’ x 12’ office, back to back, conducting discovery on acronyms, development methodologies, software applications and many forgotten experiences.  In August of 2019, DoorHub contracted with Black Airplane to develop a custom software stack focused on the automation of every aspect of a customer’s procurement pathway.   

The race was on and the coders’ brains and fingers were smoking at the pace of incoming Product Owner directives.  March 2020, COVID.  Reshaped ADI’s core business.  Reshaped the world.  Reshaped DoorHub team collaboration.  Amazing video conference screen grabs, even more epic vid calls with prospective middle ware teams.  Wesley committed to driving ADI sales that would allow he and Matthew to bootstrap the development of DoorHub.  The dev team became nimble, agile and adaptive. 

Survival and success.  Under the leadership of Wesley and Matthew, ADI thrived during COVID.  As a result, the dev team never slowed the building of DoorHub.  DoorHub and Black Airplane adopted and became certified in both Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) roles under guidance by a man known by the callsign Guru.  This iteration catapulted the development of DoorHub.   

DoorHub understood that its competitors were leveraging human assets to curate products surfaced on their websites.  DoorHub committed to build a better way.  DoorHub succeeded and in August of 2022 celebrated its first organic transaction.   

DoorHub never pulled back from its original founding principle: automate the procurement pathway, offer every commercial door hardware product, provide product support by experienced Technical Service Representatives (TSR), surface real time product inventory quantities, guarantee delivery dates, mimic the stellar customer service experience developed by ADI, enable easy and seamless returns.   

As a buyer who wants the freedom to purchase hardware at their leisure, know delivery is guaranteed, is assured that problems will be resolved, may require technical support prior to purchase and will always be answered by a friendly voice, there is only one solution: www.doorhub.com 


Thanks for being bold and adventurous, enjoy the ride and Keep on Trucking. 

Matthew  Wood

Matthew Wood - Chief Executive Officer - Co founder

As a kid, I enjoyed and spent hours taking apart and rebuilding VCR’s, RC toys and Lego’s. At 15, I started sweeping floors at Arch-I-Tech Doors. By the age of 24, I transitioned through the wood door production center, custom hollow metal production center, pick pack ship and logistics roles. I resigned from Arch-I-Tech Doors in 1999 to wander the US. I returned to the business in 2004. As it were, I started where I had ended, working in operations. I worked in and began to refine every level of operations. I instituted lean, JIT and QA/C solutions. I never expected those experiences, most successful, some failures, to prepare me for DoorHub. I love team building, I love disrupting accepted norms, I love returning value to my clients, I love building solutions that enable others to be more successful. I also love snowboarding (my true jam), mountain biking, my team and most of all my family. I am thrilled that you have decided to join this team on a journey that is transforming the way a commodity product, commercial door hardware, is purchased by DoorHub’s valued customers. Cheers.

Greg Richard

Greg Richard - Chief Technical Officer - Founding Member

Greg has a passion for being a loving father, appreciating nature, and technological innovation. With a background in IT and construction, Greg entered the door industry in 2014 as a commercial door installer and hasn’t looked back. Through almost 7 years of installs in Atlanta and then Orlando, Greg honed his skills, product knowledge, and love for the industry. The past few years have been spent dedicated to being part of DoorHub’s inception, build, and daily operation.

Michael Rega

Michael Rega - Chief Marketing Officer - Founding Member

From a young age, Michael has always had a passion for building business. In 2014, he was introduced to the door industry with a part time role in the warehouse of a distributor while he was enrolled at Kennesaw State University for business management. He worked mainly in the logistics department but gained experience in multiple teams. After graduation, he continued to push forward in the industry, continuing to try and innovate. Michael has spent the last few years in the marketing space working diligently to elevate the presence of DoorHub.

LaVictor Holland

LaVictor Holland - Subject Matter Expert - Founding Member

As a founding member of DoorHub, LaVictor finds honesty, creativity and dedication to be the most valuable qualities for success in running the company. In the 6 years prior, while working at our legacy business(ADI), LaVictor spent countless hours improving the shipping, receiving and inventory departments. He brought that same attitude to DoorHub and will work diligently at delivering it to future customers.